Build Your Own Computer

By learning how to build your own computer system you can save a lot of money and you get exactly the system you want.

Building your own computer system is not too difficult and well within the capability of anybody with an aptitude for technical stuff. If you have little or no knowledge of computer systems and components then it is worthwhile investing in good book like Upgrade And Repair PC's which will give you the confidence you take advantage of the great deals available in discount computer parts and enable you to upgrade, repair or build your own system. This will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the years to come.

This purpose of this page is gives you an overview of the hardware you need with links to some good sources of discount computer parts. The components of the most basic of computer systems consist of a Computer Case and Power Supply, a Motherboard, a CPU, Memory, and a Hard Disk Drive. Once these are all assembled you have a basic system, but to make it more functional you need to add such extras as CD/DVD Drives, speakers, sound card, video card, mouse and keyboard. 

Barebone Kits
If all this seems too complicated then another option is to go for a Barebones System. They usually consist of a case with the motherboard, CPU and memory installed. They are ideal for a beginner and as you can easily add a hard drive, video card and CD Drive. Click Here for great range and excellent prices on Barebone Systems.



Amazon is a good place to start.




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